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Wednesday, 28th August, 2013

JiveSwing in Italy !!

What a summer!!  Joseph Sewell, Charlotte Middlemiss and Alison Marsh were invited to teach on the lovely beaches of Pescara in Italy..  Sun, Sea, Sand, Italian food and drink? It wasn’t difficult to decide.. For Alison it was the thought of Italian men.. lol..

It was our first time at Swingin’ on the Beach, where we taught workshops by day, followed by dancing to live music literally on the beach by night.. If that wasn’t enough, there was an after party each night, held at local bar on the beach, where everyone danced into the small hours of the morning..

Hundreds of friendly people crowded around the stage area, to see the performances and array of top bands.  One of the dancers captured a video of us leading the shim sham, where some of the dancers joined us on stage.

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