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Sunday, 28th December, 2014

Vintage Ball 2014

What a night! What an atmosphere! We could feel the excitement for the Vintage Ball 2014, building over the last few weeks, as everyone was discussing what they’re likely to wear. However, we were not prepared for such an awesome night, with up to 250 UK and international dancers.

After 1:00am at the JiveSwing Vintage Ball 2014: Photo by William Weaver..

JiveSwing DJ’s Michael Proctor,  Adeline Folcher and guest DJ’s Germaine Grimes and Fiona Benson, kept the floor moving and grooving all night until 4:00am.. To increase the excitement further, ‘The Bevin Boys’, were on top form, followed by the amazing trio, ‘The Polka Dot Dolls‘, who kept everyone dancing throughout there set..

However, one of the big highlights of the night, was the cabaret curated by Charlotte Middlemiss. Charlie’s Angels looked as glamourous as ever, along with the JiveSwing Hoppers, plus a debut performance, from Alex & Alison, with their Shag routine, plus JiveSwing Stompers, featuring lots of new dancers from Chelmsford. The crowd went wild :-)

Huge thanks to Debbie Spratt and her team of volunteers, Kevin & Rachel, Nick & Lindsey, Alex & Sarah, David and Raju, for managing the night, along with everyone that attended the JiveSwing Vintage Ball 2014.

Vintage Ball 2014 Survivors after 4:00am: Photographer unknown via Fiona Patterson

Comments on the night, included “Best Vintage Ball ever”. Great Food!.. The atmosphere, was truly electric, right up until after 4:00am! This did not feel like a dance event, it felt like one huge family reunion, where everyone, including partners who were dragged along by dancers, were having so much fun.. You could feel the JiveSwing love..  As the team packed away, looking weary, we were all still excited enough to discuss The Vintage Ball 2015.. Watch this space!!

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Sunday, 21st December, 2014

Thanks and Merry Christmas

This is probably the final blog of the year from the JiveSwing Family, as we prepare for Christmas, so we’d like to say lots of ‘Thank You’s to all dancers, organisors, friends and everyone that we’ve met this year, that have helped us on our journey throughout 2014 in someway.

Our new teachers, will be launching more exciting workshops, Balboa classes in Hertfordshire and Essex, plus our very first class in Kent, will commence in Canterbury, late January. Watch this space for more news!!

A more personal thanks to all the JiveSwing family, which includes the teaching team and our amazing crew, for all their hard work, love, time and dedication given to running weekly classes, social dances and helping the swing dance community thrive in Hertfordshire, Essex and Middlesex/North London borders. The JiveSwing Community have been pulling together, spreading the word, constantly introducing fresh people and faces to the scene, who are flying the nest to global events.


It’s also been really great to see how many new strong friendships and relationships have been formed at JiveSwing over the last 4 years, which has led to several engagements and marriages!  As one dancer, puts it “JiveSwing is the family you actually choose”

Some of the key highlights of the 2014 was helping to raise thousands of pounds for key charities such as KIDS Ireland & Argentina, Help for Heroes, Michael Sobell Hospice and Vicki Atkin Breast Cancer Unit and more, all led by JiveSwing dancers.. :-)

We feel so privileged to be part of this scene, as the support of the JiveSwing Family and all that attend our events, has been non-stop and without it, life would be extremely different. We love them all..

Thanks for reading and bearing with this loooong recognition. :-) We hope to see most of you at The JiveSwing Vintage Ball 2014 in a few days, for a night of serious fun, dancing and outrageous partying, with over 200 dancers, followed by our Annual Harlem Night’s New Year’s Extravaganza on Saturday 3rd January 2015, but if not Merry Christmas and we wish you everything you’d wish for yourself in 2015

Merry Christmas wherever you are and see you all in 2015. :-)

God Bless

Joseph & the JiveSwing Family


Tuesday, 25th November, 2014

JiveSwing At Ideal Home Show 2014

JiveSwing’s Charlie’s Angel Vintage Dance Troupe entertained the crowds at the Ideal Home Show at Christmas in London – a huge event with over  650 exhibitors attracting hundreds of shoppers.

Photo by JiveSwing.Com Photographer: Steve Merchant

As we emerged from Earl’s Court station we were greeted with the wonderful and unexpected sight of four huge Christmas trees, a giant snowman, Santa with his sleigh and reindeer and flurry of (fake) snow tumbling down over the scene.  Naturally, we couldn’t resist such a perfect photo opportunity, and the excitement of performing was now doubled with our excitement at all the wonderful festive décor – including another large “forest” of Christmas trees just inside the building.

The venue was bustling with huge crowds of shoppers as we made our way to the catwalk to check out our rather oddly shaped stage and catch the performance by Flawless.  They set a high standard for the day with their incredible acrobatics and impressive synchronised dance moves, so we dashed backstage to congratulate them and grab a quick souvenir photo!

Photo by JiveSwing.Com Photographer: Steve Merchant

With a few hours to go before our performance we managed to find time for a quick browse and, thanks to some friendly people on the Glitzy Lips stall, added some extra, last-minute sparkle to our show with their eye-catching glitter make-up.

Then – show time! There’d barely been a lull in the crowds all day and the seats were full as we prepared to take to the catwalk. Outfits lined up neatly backstage, with Alison on-hand for the lightning fast costume changes and Steve out front ready to snap some action shots. Despite being quite an unusual setting for a dance performance the festive atmosphere certainly helped to get people in the mood and the reaction from the audience was fantastic.

JiveSwing’s Charlie’s Angels with Flawless: Photo by JiveSwing.Com Photographer: Steve Merchant

 After four performances (including a brave solo ballet number from Jess!) we’d definitely earned a cheeky cup of mulled wine and a mince pie before the journey home… And one last photo with Santa of course. The event has really put us in the holiday spirit ready for our upcoming Christmas shows!  .. :-)

By Kate Whittington, Charlie’s Angels.

Tuesday, 11th November, 2014

Lindy On The Edge 2014 – Norway

So it was my 5th time, travelling to teach at Lindy On the Edge. This is a really nice camp, with a warm and very friendly feeling, held in Stavanger, Norway.. They have dancers from all over Norway and abroad, which makes for a really great mix, where it was nice to see some old and new faces.. :-)

Selfie with some of the dancers from the Intermediate Class at Lindy On The Edge 2014

All the students were really great.. Full of enthusiasm and keen to learn. The social dance was held an a really nice Jazz Club, where the atmosphere was buzzing with energy, whilst still maintaining that family feel. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Charlotte couldn’t make it, so I was travelling to teach alone, for the first time in a long while.. However my fellow teachers below,were so amazing and friendly, including the lovely Anne, from Sweden help with a few classes.. It just felt like a reunion of old friends as we taught, walked, laughed and over indulged in  extra pizzas :-)

Teachers: Anne Normann (SWE), Joseph Sewell (UK). and Daniel Larsson (SWE) – lindy on the edge 2014

A massive thanks to the organisors, with particular regard for Steve and Alison,  for making me feel so welcome and being the perfect hosts, leaving me wanting for nothing..

Looking forward to LOTE 2015 already.. Are you ready ??

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Tuesday, 21st October, 2014

Vintage Swing Festival 2014 – Slovenia

Back teaching at VSF – Vintage Swing Festival, in Celje Slovenia for the 5th time, I knew it would be good, but wasn’t prepared for how good :-) The venue is amazing, with several halls for workshops and exciting parties, in one large vintage building, with a really nice spa hotel next door, followed by another hotel and hostels, less than 5 mins walk away..

Friday night party at VSF 2014 – Norma Miller and Joseph Sewell lead the 1st Shim Sham
Photos courtesy of: Tadej Mulej Photography, Slovenia

We arrived with Norma Miller at the airport and escorted her to the venue, with the organisor Ales. There seemed to be hundreds of people, at the event, who came from all over Slovenia and neighbouring countries, such as Serbia, Croatia, Italy, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK and USA, making it a true international event.  The parties were full and a mazing.. We had such a great time, sharing our knowledge, history and passion  and dancing with all the students, who showed instant improvements, from the start to the end of each class.

Joseph & Charlotte’s Intermediate/Advanced Class on Sunday – Photo by passing dancer

The event featured live band ‘The Hot Sugar Band” from France, plus a list of amazing international teachers, such as Dax & Sarah, from USA, Max & Tatiana, from France, Nejc and Katja, from Slovenia and of course Joseph and Charlotte, from the UK.

Vintage Swing Festival 2014 Teachers

There were so many amazing moments at the Vintage Swing Festival 2014, but one of the most memorable, will be the interviews with the Legendary Queen of Swing, Ms Norma Miller, who sang and shared  her knowledge throughout the camp.

Norma Miller Interview at VSF with Joseph Sewell – Photo by: Tadej Mulej Photography

A massive thanks to Ales Kolar and Katja, for organising such an amazing weekend, bringing Norma Miller to the the event and inviting us to be part of it’s history. Joseph & Charlotte are already looking forward to 2015.. See you then Slovenia.. :-)

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