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Monday, 30th June, 2014

Vintage Tea Dance – Kent

Two dancers, Sarah Spratt and Kate Whittington, from JiveSwing’s Charlie’s Angels, a 20 strong all female group, led by Charlotte Middlemiss, were performing at a vintage tea dance in Canterbury. The tea dance was organised by the MS Centre in Kent to raise awareness of MS and funds for the centre.

Sarah Spratt and Kate Whittington from JiveSwing’s Charlie’s Angels at MS Centre, Canterbury Kent

As usual, dancers from the JiveSwing community, travelled to support the event, along with dancers from Kent, Essex, Hertfordshire and London, who came to see the show. The organisors said “The Charlie’s Angels girls put on a great show and the JiveSwing dancers were fab!”

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Sunday, 29th June, 2014

Sista’s Of Swing I – Hertford

Once again, JiveSwing’s very own Charlotte Middlemiss, teachers another one of her popular Sista’s of Swing workshops. These small focused and personalised workshops,are full of unique ideas and concepts, providing everything every follower needs.

Sistas Of Swing I – Hertford

Charlotte Middlemiss said.. “Amazing day, teaching the Hertfordshire followers. Some serious progression made by everyone. It was fantastic to see!! ¬†Looking forward to seeing those twists and moves on the dance floor!”

Sistas Of Swing I – Hertford

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Saturday, 28th June, 2014

Sista’s Of Swing I – Essex

JiveSwing’s very own Charlotte Middlemiss, headed to Essex to deliver their first taste of a Sista’s of Swing workshop, for followers. Feedback from all the followers, was very positive and that they all had a great time.

Sistas Of Swing – Chelmsford, Essex

After the workshops, Charlotte Middlemiss commented.. “Fab day, teaching my Sista’s of Swing Workshop in Essex! Really great to spend time, with you all and see you progress throughout the day.. Watch out Leaders those followers are lookin’ hot! “…. Next Stop for Sista’s of Swing.. Hertford..

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Thursday, 26th June, 2014


Joseph & Charlotte were invited back to teach at Swizzle Swing Summer Sensation 2014 in Dublin, for their second time, to raise funds for KIDS Charity. It was a really good weekend of workshops, with two levels and a group of genuinely nice people, where you could really see the difference in everyone’s dancing from start to finish. :-) Everyone did well, as people were pushed beyond their own limits to produce Jazz, Lindy and even aerial movements, they had never imagined themselves doing.. They evening dance, was full of fun and atmosphere, with a variety of DJ’s, whilst J&C shared the jiveswing spirit and love with everyone.

 Level II group РPhoto by innocent bystander

The organisers Cora, Paola, with host Amy super chef Chris were really nice and awesome people, full of passion for both the dance and the charity, which combined with J&C’s energy resonated a feeling of joy throughout the weekend. All in the aid of helping young children….

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Tuesday, 3rd June, 2014


What an amazing All-Dayer, without doubt the best atmosphere by far. After 7 years of running this event, we took a bold move of moving it to Beechen Grove Baptist Church. It was a really nice day of workshops, with two levels and taster classes in Shag, Dips & Tricks, Authentic Jazz etc, with an evening dance to celebrate Frankie 100. Bringing the amazing 10 piece Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra from Italy, was a HUGE investment, but boy did they swing.. It was just like Basie or Chic Webb, playing to a packed dance floor.

Photo by William Weaver

The feedback from everyone, regarding both the workshops and the evening dance, has been really positive both on the night and after. :-)

Thanks to all teachers, Charlie’s Angels Authentic Jazz Dance Group, Billy Bros. Swing Orchestra and everyone who attended and contributed to such an amazing night.

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