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Thursday, 24th December, 2015

Thanks and Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again, where we’d like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ on behalf of all the  JiveSwing Family, to all dancers, organisors, friends, family and everyone around the globe, that has contributed to the development of the JiveSwing throughout 2015.

It’s been a journey, but based on our feedback and requests, we’ve now got lots of new projects, including new teaching opportunities, more performance groups, lots of exciting workshops and new events, happening throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Kent and further afield.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the JiveSwing Crew. We have one of the best teams in the world, constantly working hard to build the JiveSwing family and communities. We also have some amazing teachers, that have worked so hard to develop their continual training, in both dancing and teaching, to ensure that you have awesome and fun classes. It’s been so nice to see how far, some of our newer teachers have come, poised to take on the international stage.


Each year we celebrate engagements and marriages, by dancers who have met at JiveSwing.Com. Throughout 2015, we’ve  seen so many new couples forming in our classes, resulting in at least 2 weddings in 2016, so far. We’ve also seen people come to Jiveswing alone, meeting lots of new people, who have become best friends, going out for meals and on holiday together. This is the true spirit of the JiveSwing family.

In 2015, JiveSwing have contributed help and thousands to charities such as KIDS Ireland & Argentina, Michael Sobell Hospice, St Clares Hospice and many more, all led by JiveSwing dancers.. :-)

Thanks again for putting up with our annual recognition. WE feel so privileged to be part of something like this, with such amazing friends.

We look forward to seeing you all at The JiveSwing Vintage Ball 2015 in a few days, for a whole night of fun and outrageous partying, with over 200 dancers, followed by our Annual Harlem Night’s New Year’s Extravaganza on Saturday 2nd January 2016. However, if we don’t see you there, we’d like to wish you a fabulous Christmas and everything you desire in 2016

Merry Christmas wherever you are and see you all in 2016. :-)

God Bless

Joseph, Charlotte and all the JiveSwing Family


Monday, 23rd November, 2015

Lindy On The Edge 2015 – Norway

Lindy On The Edge 2015.. Wow.. Joseph & Charlotte left Heathrow Terminal 5, to set off to Norway. It was their 5th time teaching at Lindy On The Edge and they were looking forward to catching up with their friends and new students.

Joseph & Charlotte setting off from Heathrow Terminal 5

Lindy On The Edge is a not-for-profit event, held in the small and beautiful sea-side town of Stavanger, Norway, run by a team of volunteers, where everyone steps in to make the weekend happen. Everyone dancers, talks and eat together, like one big family.  This year keen dancers attended from France, Germany, England, plus other countries and all over Norway. Teachers this year were Joseph Sewell (UK), Charlotte Middlemiss (UK), Daniel Larsson (SWE) and Alison McCullough (Norway)

Swede and The Sweet Swingers Band at LOTE

Joseph Sewell, Charlotte Middlemiss & Daniel Larsson with the Swede and Sweet Swingers.

The social dances were so much fun and filled with a vibrant, yet friendly atmosphere. New for 2015, was the addition of a new band, called ‘The Swede and The Sweet Swingers’. They’re an amazing group of talented young musician’s, lead by Singer and Band Leader Isabelle Kongshaug, who sounds like Billie Holiday and looks like Nicole Kidman. The group all met at Music school, but as Isabelle is a swing dancer, they knew what to play to keep everyone swinging out on the dance floor. Watch out for them.. !!

Joseph & Charlotte after the last class of the weekendJoseph & Charlotte after the final class at LOTE 2015

 The Students were amazing this year and classes were filled with lots of energy and excitment. J&C put them through some 10 hours of gruelling fun classes in Lindy Hop, Double Lindy and Authentic Jazz. By the end of the last class, everyone was ready to collapse, but with a big smile on their faces.

Lindy On The Edge organisers and Friends
Joseph & Charlotte with the LOTE Organisers & Friends all ready for bed!

Once again a huge heartfelt thanks to the team Steve, Alison, Ricsi and Annika, for putting on such an amazing and friendly weekend, along with Steve who looks after us so well, going to Stavanger, feels like another home. :-)

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at LOTE 2016… Get Ready… and Keep your swing outs Steady… !!

Sunday, 22nd November, 2015

Gatsby Charity Ball 2015

This weekend, the team were invited to provide the entertainment for the Great Gatsby Charity Ball, an event organised to raise funds for the J’s Hospice. Held at the stunning venue Orsett Hall, the evening was filled with all things glitzy and representing the roaring 20s.

JiveSwing Teacher Keighley Bowen, with some of Charlies Angels leading Vintage Dance troupe

Over 200 guests, dressed in their finest 20s attire, sat for dinner whilst The Last Chance Ragtime Band played to their eager audience.

During dessert, the vintage dance troupe, Charlie’s Angels, ran on and dispersed throughout the room to perform to their surprised guests in true ‘flashmob’ style! A successful auction followed, in which huge funds were raised. Afterwards, the Charlies Angels came on to the floor once more and put on a wonderful performance to great applause.

Charlie’s Angels: Fiona Benson, Kate Whittington, Sarah Spratt, Yanqing Chen, Verity Roberts, Jodie Sharman

After such an inspiring show, it wasn’t hard to get guests onto the dance floor themselves to take part in a fun solo 20s Charleston class, lead by JiveSwing teacher Keighley Bowen. Over 60 people filled the dance floor to learn some of the most iconic Charleston moves of the 1920s.

 JiveSwing’s Keighley Bowen and Peter Thompson dressed in 20’s Attire

With heaps of laughter and dollops of fun, the guests danced their charleston stroll for the final time to the tune of the Last Chance Ragtime Band as they came back on to keep the party going! What a night! The JiveSwing team would like to say a huge well done and thank you to Lucy, the Events Manager, and the team at J’s Hospice, who organised such a successful and incredible event for the best of causes.

 Blog by JiveSwing’s Keighley Bowen


Wednesday, 11th November, 2015

Vintage Swing Festival 2015 – Slovenia

The Vintage Swing Festival, held in Celje, Slovenia, but formerly in Ljubljana, has been going for at least 7 years now. JiveSwing teachers Joseph & Charlotte was invite to teach there last weekend, for the 6th time. It was amazing..

Early morning outdoor shim sham – photo by Tadej Mulej (

Saturday morning kicked off with a shim sham in the streets, as interested passers by looked on. All workshops were held in one large grand vintage venue, with a number of halls with really nice wooden floors. Most of the dancers stayed at the 4 star Evrope Hotel, across the road. It’s so convenient and the food is really nice there. If you’ve got a few minutes spare, then you can use the spa.

Joseph & Charlotte warming up the class

The students were amazing. All our classes were full of fun, laughter and energy, as we pushed and challenged everyone with new moves and techniques. Everyone worked hard to achieve the end result.

This year, Joseph & Charlotte were honoured to be teaching alongside some of the worlds greatest teachers, including Max Pitruzzella & Eglė Nemickaitė, Dax Hock & Pamela Gaizutyte, Manuel Micheli & Serena Rizzo, plus an amazing band.. It was a great team..

 Friday night party at VSF 2015 – Norma Miller and Joseph Sewell lead the 1st Shim Sham

The weekend had an international presence, with dancers coming from Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Serbia, Switzerland, Austria, France, UK, Germany, USA, Lithuania and Australia. The whole weekend, was amazing from start to finish, but two of my favourite moments were teaching the Blues Class and sharing the history of it. It was nice to see everyone, learning and moving their hips to the music. We also enjoyed leading the history hour on Sunday. It was great to see so many people attend and asking questions.

Joseph & Charlotte, leads a mini-blues party after their blues class – photo by Joseph

 On the Saturday, Slovenia’s national TV company RTV came to see what was going on. They interviewed Ales the organiser and Joseph Sewell extensively, whilst taking footage from the dance floor, then aired it the following day. Click Here to view.

RTV Slovenia National News Presenter interviewing Joseph Sewell – Photo by Vintage Swing Festival

Another huge thanks to Ales Kolar and Katja and all their team, for all their hard work in bringing everyone together for such an amazing event. It was so nice dancing and getting to know so many new people. Vintage Swing Festival 2016 is in the diary already.. See you next year Slovenia.. :-)

Friday, 18th September, 2015

JiveSwing on BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show

JiveSwing.Com teachers Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss were invited to join Chris Evans on his popular Breakfast Show to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain.

Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss with Chris Evans on his BBC Radio 2 Breakfast Show

The show took place on Friday 18th September 2015 and was aired live from a hangar, at Biggin Hill Airport in Surrey, UK.

BBC Carol Kirk dancing with JiveSwing.Com teacher Joseph Sewell on BBC Radio 2 Chris Evans Breakfast Show
JiveSwing teacher Joseph Sewell dancing with BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood

The Puppini Sisters, Re-enactors, Dancers, Children from Biggin Hill Primary School and WWII veteran Joy Lofthouse, were in attendance.

Joseph & Charlotte, with children & teachers of Biggin Hill Primary School, who took their class

Joseph & Charlotte taught a swing dance class, which included the children, teachers and Head of Biggin Hill Primary School, prior to dancing the Lindy Hop live to the Puppini Sisters. The band played two numbers, where Joseph executed a few aerials, with Charlotte, then took Carol Kirkwood on the floor for a dance. She did amazingly well. :-)

JiveSwing Joseph & Charlotte with war vetran Joy Lofthouse

Joseph & Charlotte with WWII Veteran Pilot, Joy Lofthouse

After the dance demo, everyone gathered to hear WWII Veteran Pilot, share her stories about the war. There was total silence as all the sound engineers, photographers and BBC crew gathered around to listen. It was absolutely amazing.

Joseph Sewell dancing the Lindy Hop with BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood

After Carol Kirkwood, presented her final weather forecast for the morning, it was time to do some more dancing. I’m hoping it doesn’t count as an official class, before she joins the BBC Strictly show.

A great morning and experience for JiveSwing.Com team on BBC Radio 2. Video footage to follow..