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Monday, 9th February, 2015

Melanie Jones

On Monday 2nd February, we lost our dear friend and a key member of the JiveSwing Family, Melanie Jones, known to many of us, as Mel. :-)

Mel, had been with JiveSwing, since the very first Lindy Hop class in Brentwood, Essex, during 2003.  As a keen student, in 2007 Mel kindly volunteered to help do the reception for a couple of weeks, at our new venue in Chelmsford.

The few weeks, turned into years, where she had changed the role and the way we organised the night, so much for the better. Mel’s warmth and smiles helped to grow Jiveswing Chelmsford immensely. In addition, Mel also contributed to the development of GNSH processes, as the Head of Reception, welcoming dancers from all over the world, each year, infecting them with her kind heart.

Over the years, a strong friendship developed between both Mel, Pete and myself. Their kind nature and smiles, fostered many other strong relationships within the JiveSwing family too, way beyond dancing. Mel was such a good friend to everyone and a very special lady, who did so much for all.

She will be so dearly missed, but always in our hearts. I feel extremely fortunate, that my last moments with Mel, were happy ones at a Chelmsford Social Meal, where we could sit, talk and laugh.

The Jiveswing community will be celebrating our dear friend in many different ways in the coming weeks and months, then annually every October.

I cannot find the right words to express my thoughts, at this time and feel that this is just not enough, for such a wonderful friend. My deepest condolences goes out to Pete and Mel’s family at this time

Joseph and the JiveSwing Family.