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Monday, 27th April, 2015

Swing n Blues In Croatia

Our tour schedule, took us to the beautiful city of Zagreb, in Croatia this weekend, to teach Blues and Swing workshops. We took a connecting flight via Vienna, boarding a very small plane. It was like a private jet. :-) As we touched down in Croatia, we were greeted by friends, warm hugs and sunny weather.

It was our second time teaching at Swing City Zagreb, where the camp had grown from just 1 level with local dancers, to 3 levels, from beginners to advanced, with classes in Blues, Lindy Hop, Jazz and the Shag.. attracting lots dancers from many countries, including Slovenia, France, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Holland, Serbia, Austria and all over Croatia.

Photo taken by a shaky hand – Blues Class I

All the dancers worked really hard on isolating hips and every muscle in their body over the two days, plus swinging out all night, in the competitions, dancing in the streets and doing the charleston around the town centre.. After all this hard work, it was time for refuelling, with friends of the camp..

Meal time, with some of the friends from the workshop…

The evening was exciting, as DJ’s Berislav, Isabela and the ‘SwingTones’, a swing band from Slovenia, played some amazing sets, to keep the dance floor filled with dancers. There was a lot of excitement in the competition, as dancers from various countries, battled in the finals, with a spot light to the band. The energy, was crazy, as everyone did the shim sham, the jiveswing stroll, followed by  late night dancing… Everyone left on a high :-)

Photo by – Matjaž Vertuš: Dancing doing the JiveSwing Stroll…

The Sunday night farewell Party, was awesome, in a venue overlooking the city. I DJ’d for the final blues hour. It was such a great party, that nobody wanted to leave, even when the music had stopped.

Massive thanks to our fellow teachers, dancers and most of all to the organisers, Jumpn Swing Zagreb, for such an amazing Swing City Zagreb 2015. Looking forward to 2016 already… Bok!

Sunday, 26th April, 2015

JiveSwing Dancing at the Galleria

The JiveSwing family, consisting of dancers from our local classes, took to the dance floors, on Sunday 26th April, to entertain hundreds of shoppers at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Hatfield.

Crowds gathered and watched, as the dancers from JiveSwing, led by JiveSwing teachers Steve Merchant and Keighley Bowen, performed the JiveSwing Stroll and  danced the Lindy Hop to Swing music, all afternoon.

JiveSwing teachers Steve & Keighley doing the Lindy Hop

Many passers by stopped and became interested in our vintage dance called Lindy Hop and were very keen to attend classes. All the dancers, that came to supported reported that they enjoyed an afternoon of FREE dancing and looking forward to the next one. :-)

Friday, 17th April, 2015

JiveSwing performs with the JiveAces

The JiveSwing All-Stars, featuring Joseph Sewell, Charlotte Middlemiss, Alex Gall and Sarah Spratt, felt honoured to be invited by the JiveAces, to perform at the Civic Theatre, as part of their UK tour.

The JiveAces, supported by JiveSwing, Cassidy Janson and young pianist Cody Lee, performed a number of amazing songs, to a full theatre, featuring with a wide range of people, including a group of dancers from the JiveSwing community who came to see the show.

Alex Gall, Alex Douglas, Cody Lee, Vince Hurley, Ian Clarkson, Joseph Sewell,  Cassidy Janson

The crowd roared as the JiveSwing All-Stars took to the stage and performed a very energetic Lindy Hop routine and executed a number of aeriels, throwing the followers around the back etc. The applause at the end continued for a while.

During the JiveAces finale, the All-Stars took to the stage again, then spontaneously jumped off stage reaching out to the audience, to dance with people at random. The theatre was filled with excitement, as ordinary people, were transformed into dancers.

Photographer – Charlotte Middlemiss: Joseph having a sneaky go at the JiveAces drums.

Once the mayhem was over, it was time for Joseph to have a sneaky and cheeky practice on the drums, just in case JiveAces drummer Peter Howell, were to become ill lol.

All in all a really great night at the theatre, working with the JiveAces… :-)

Wednesday, 15th April, 2015

Blues-icality Weekend – Hertfordshire

Last weekend Joseph & Charlotte stayed in the UK in their home town of Hertford, in Hertfordshire to teach their very own ‘Blues-icality weekend’, for their local dance community. A whole day of Blues, followed by another day of Improvisation/Musicality.

Saturday – Dancers at the Blues I Workshop (part of Blues-icality)

Dancers bodies, were pushed to their limits, as they worked on isolating every muscle in their bodies, to sing and groove rhythmically to the blues, whilst exploring the history.

This was followed by a mass JiveSwing meal, as we took over a local restaurant , then a very lively (now monthly) Blues Party (photos to follow soon), where everyone got down and had a serious night of party. At the end of the night,  the bins were filled with bottles, which was evidence that the Essex mob, were there !! It was a party!!

The following day, was more challenging on the mind and peoples confidence/self awareness, as they were put through a series of advanced Improvisation drills and exercises (still suffering, from the effects of the night before.)

Sunday  – Dancers working on a peculiar Improvisation drill… :-)

It was so amazing to see people’s confidence growing, as they started to improvise to the music and step out of their comfort zone. Not for the faint hearted… !!

We look forward to running more of these workshops.. Great fun.. :-)