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Thursday, 30th July, 2015

Henlow Hop – 1940’s RAF Hangar Dance

On Wednesday 29th July 2015, the JiveSwing team, were on the road again, providing the entertainment for Henlow Hop, RAF Henlow’s Hangar Dance, to raise funds for Royal Air Force Association, Help for Heroes and Keech Hospice Care.

RAF residents and lots of JiveSwing fans, came from the local area and other parts of the country to attend, this fabulous event, where they were transported back to the 1940’s.

The night got off to an auspicious start, as hundreds of people left their seats, to take part in a fun beginners 1940’s Lindy Hop dance class with  international teachers Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss, from JiveSwing.Com. By the end of the class, even those who claimed to have 3 left feet, were full of laughter and were up dancing to the big band and having fun.  

Recorded music was provided by JiveSwing, but Live music, was provided by the Three Belles and The Queens Band Div Big Band, an amazing swing outfit, consisting of up to 26 RAF & Army musicians, lead by Capt Jon.

JiveSwing’s performance teams The All-Stars and Charlie’s Angels, received a rapturous applause, following a string of performances , including a live show to the Three Belles.

Jeep Jump Jive, provided their Jeep Photo booth and were kept very busy, as everyone had a great time, taking photos in their 1940’s and military attire. :-)

It became very difficult to identify genuine RAF members against some of the guests, who had made an effort to look authentic.

It was a brilliant Hangar Dance. The JiveSwing team arrived home on Thursday morning and within hours, had messages from all their fans, to confirm that Chris Evans had commented about JiveSwing and the Hangar dance on his BBC2 Radio Show.

A huge thanks to all the JiveSwing team and most important, Flight Lieutenant Anne Geisow, who after putting in so much work organising this amazing event, was called away on duty for the country, shortly before the event.

We’re looking forward to Henlow Hop 2016 already :-)

Monday, 27th July, 2015

JiveSwing Jazz Festival – Watford

After months of planning with Watford Borough Council and over 2500 fans destined for the JiveSwing Jazz Festival in Watford, the day had finally arrived.

Whilst the weather was a little unkind, local residents and hundreds of brave and keen JiveSwing  fans, still turned up from as South as Kent and Portsmouth, as West as Wales, as East as Ipswich and as North as York to enjoy the festival despite, what can only be described as torrential rain.

The bands looked on from a covered stage, as swing dancers continue to Lindy Hop in the Marquee and on the grass, with huge smiles all having fun.

photo – courtesy of D.Brady Watford Borough Council
This was such a community event, with many people chipping in to clear up and help to pack tents and staging away.

Massive thanks to all the artists, Polka Dot Dolls, The Bevin Boys, Tony Oliver Jazz Band, Cliff Longhurst Swing Orchestra, JiveSwing DJ Michael Proctor ‘AKA Green Lantern’ , Savio Gimmi, Sound Technician,  Jeep Jump Jive, Jeep photo booth, plus Creative Director Charlotte Middlemiss for organising the cabarets with the awesome Charlie’s Angels performance troupe.

It didn’t matter how busy the day was, every still found time to take photos with Jeep Jump Jive.
All other photos – courtesy of Steve Merchant – JiveSwing.Com

Finally, this could not happen without the help and support from Watford Borough Council’s Debbie and all relevant sponsors

Monday, 20th July, 2015

Mill Green Museum Vintage Festival 2015

On Saturday, 19th July 2015, Mill Green went back in time to the 1940’s, as the JiveSwing.Com, team made another appearance at the annual Mill Green Vintage Festival, in Mill Green, Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

As usual, lots of JiveSwing’s dancing fans turned up, from all over, dressed in vintage to support the event, as well as lots of local residents :-)

Thousands of people turned up throughout the day and many who confessed to having two left feet, attempted a dance class led by JiveSwing.Com’s dance teacher Alex Gall, along with Sarah Spratt, who taught a fun taster class. Everyone was amazed at how easily they picked up the moves and felt confident to try a weekly JiveSwing class. :-)

Other members of JiveSwing.Com contributed to the successfully day, such as Jeep Jump Jive, who provided their Jeep and Sue, who provided a display of vintage clothing.

Huge thanks to Mill Green Museum on another successful event and for inviting JiveSwing. Here’s to Mill Green Vintage Festival 2016 :-)

Sunday, 12th July, 2015

JiveSwing At Picnic on the Meads

Last Saturday, 11th July 2015,  the JiveSwing.Com, team were invited to provide a class and show, at Picnic On The Meads, in Wheathampsted, Hertfordshire.

Dancers from the JiveSwing Watford, JiveSwing St Albans, JiveSwing Welwyn and JiveSwing Letchworth turned up to support, as well as have a quick picnic. :-)

Quick Selfie of some of the JiveSwing team and friends – Credit – Charlotte’s Selfie Stick

It seems that some thousand people, watched on, as JiveSwing’s Charlie’s Angels and the JiveSwing team, provided a series of flashmob shows. The evening was led by JiveSwing’s International dance teacher and Choreographer Charlotte Middlemiss, along with Steve Merchant, who taught a fun taster class, to get families of all ages onto the dance floor, to dance to the Fleetville Swing Band.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the show, whilst having their picnic. It was a great atmosphere. Even the children wanted to join in from time to time.

Huge thanks to Weathampsted Parish Council for inviting us, along with all JiveSwing’s friends and supporters for joining us. Looking forward to next year already. :-)

Monday, 6th July, 2015

JiveSwing At The Fling Festival 2015

On Saturday 4th July, JiveSwing teachers Sam Rummey and Peter Thompson, headed to teach a three different classes across two tents, at the popular annual Fling Festival 2015, held in Chelmsford, Essex.

JiveSwing teachers – Sam Rummey & Peter Thompson in the dance tent

The Fling Festival attracts thousands of people, where Crowds gathered both in and outside the dance tent, to capture the fun, as the teachers taught both a Lindy Hop and 1920’s Charleston Class, to absolute beginners, who had never danced before.

The organisers were very happy, as there was lots of excitement and synergy. :-)