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Monday, 18th January, 2016

JiveSwing Aerials Weekend 2016

So who’s idea was it to organise a whole weekend of Acrobatic Aerials and social dancing? That was the question on everyone’s lips, as JiveSwing’s Joseph & Charlotte embarked on the 2nd day, of the Jiveswing Aerials Weekend, last weekend.

Andy, Ben, Kate spotting Chris and Clair

On Saturday morning, a group of students of all ages and abilities, attended a ‘SOLD OUT’ JiveSwing Aerials Workshop, to learn a number of classic swing dance aerials and lifts. Many of them had never attempted anything like this before.

The group going through preparation drills

 Joseph & Charlotte calmed nerves, then with a keen and thorough focus on health and safety, they gradually got everyone doing some fun aerials, before they had time to even think about it. :-)

Joseph & Charlotte, organised specific groups, who bonded with their spotters, to create an environment of trust..

Ben and Kate preparing for the Titanic Aerial

Ben taking Kate up and over..

 And there we have it.. !!

At the start of each aerial, there was anticipation and possibly mixed with little terror.. However, it was so nice to see everyone, working together cohesively as a team, helping each other to achieve.

By the end of each day, everyone was worn out, but relaxed, excited and feeling super confident, to take on the world of aerials. Watch out for the next JiveSwing Aerials or Dips & Tricks Workshop coming near you..  Here’s some surprised achievers..

 JiveSwing Aerials Workshop – Danni, Michael and Paul, spotting William & Claire

JiveSwing Aerials Workshop –  Alex, Seen-Wei and Odette, assisting Fiona and Florent to achieve new highs