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Monday, 25th April, 2016

Swing City Zagreb 2016 – Croatia

So last weekend, JiveSwing Teachers Joseph & Charlotte’s tour took them to Croatia, for an event called Swing City Zagreb AKA SCZ 2016.

Now in it’s 3rd year, Swing City Zagreb is really friendly and fun dance weekend, with over 150 – 200 dancers coming from 14 different countries, including Norway,  Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, France, UK, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Serbia and off course Croatia.

Joseph and Charlotte put the students though their paces, with some profound techniques, authentic and high energy swing dance moves. Using their unique teaching skills, all students were showing signs of improving their dancing, by the end of each class.

By the end of the weekend, the intermediate students were extremely happy and excited, but feeling exhausted.. 

It also seemed, that the same thing happened to the remaining advanced Students on the Sunday afternoon too.. :-) 

The Saturday evening was held in a beautiful venue, with a fabulous wooden floor, in the centre of Zagreb. The night was filled with approximately 200 dancers, from various countries.

Selfie with Joseph & Charlotte, fellow teachers Jana, Simon, Nela, Competition Finalists

During the evening, there was a Jack n Jill competition, where dancers from various countries, were battling for top prizes. The standard in the competition was great.

Joseph & Charlotte performing in Croatia: photo by Ivan Marinakovic

All teachers, performed cabaret entertainment, whilst music was provided by top DJ’s and the amazing band ‘The SwingTones’, lead by Matjaž Vertuš, from Slovenia.   

Fellow teachers and some of the students, that made it to the last class, of the weekend.

The dancing each night, continued until the early hours of the morning. However, it didn’t stop the keen students for turning up to class, albeit a little sleepy on the Sunday..

Joseph & Charlotte, with exhausted organisors Tatjana and Goran, after the weekend

A huge thanks to our amazing and loving organisers Tatjana and Goran, for putting on such a fantastic weekend. We had such a good time and looking forward to Swing City Zagreb 2017 already..



Tuesday, 19th April, 2016

Prague Spring Swing Festival – 10th Anniversary

JiveSwing Teachers Joseph & Charlotte, made their way to teach at Prague Swing Swing Festival, in the Czech Republic, to celebrate their 10th year anniversary. 

Hundreds of dancers seemed to come from all over the world, for 3 days of workshops and 3 nights of dancing, in this beautiful city. Other teachers and dancers, from JiveSwing came along too.

Joseph & Charlotte, teaching one of their daytime classes.

There were lots of different dance classes going on simultaneously, during the day, in so many fabulous ballrooms and studio locations, all within reasonable walking distance. There was a great atmosphere, during the evenings, with performances in the AutoKlub by Zig Zag, Bands and lots of vintage stalls, bars etc

Selfie with some of the PSSF 2016 teachers, in the Lucerna Ballroom

We were privileged to be working alongside some of the worlds top international teachers, such as Juan Villafane (AR) & Pamela Gaizutyte (LT), Ryan Francois (UK) & Evgenia Salakhutdinova (RU), Peter Loggins (USA) &  Katja Hrastar Zavrsnik (SLO), Andreas Olsson & Mette Herlitz (SWE) and Pavlina Grombirikova (CZ) & Peter Kepo Kepic (SK) and awesome DJ Stephan.

Selfie with some of the PSSF 2016 Teachers, in the Lucerna Ballroom

Following the traditions, Saturday night, everyone enjoyed dancing to live music in the stunning Lucerna Ballroom, with Ondřej Havelka & his Melody Makers, who are one of the most amazing vintage bands in Europe.

Joseph & Charlotte, with Ondřej Havelka & his Melody Makers, Lucerna Ballroom

There was a performance from all the PSSF teachers, but one of our highlights of the night, was teaching over 2000 people to dance and hear the roar of excitement from everyone, as the learnt new steps.

Joseph & Charlotte, teaching 2000 people at the Lucerna Ballroom, Prague

We would like to say a huge thanks to all the students that attended our classes, plus a massive thanks to organisers Zdenek and Katy, for running such as amazing event.

Monday, 11th April, 2016

JiveSwing Hoppers at Forties Experience in Bushey

On 9th April The JiveSwing Hoppers, were invited by Jeep Jump Jive, to perform at the Forties Experience in Bushey, Watford.

 Jeep Jive Jump, provided an original Military Jeep, featuring an Original Gram, which supplied the sweet sound of swing music from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s. Lots of dancers from JiveSwing.Com and further afield came to support them.

Crowds gathered, as The JiveSwing Hoppers started to perform, their high energy Lindy Hop routines, to the sounds of Big Band music.

Huge thanks to Jeep Jump Jive, inviting JiveSwing Hoppers, providing the music and photography. Look out as the JiveSwing Hoppers, commence their UK Tour, at series of festivals and charity events.  Email, if you’d like them to perform at a location near you.

Monday, 11th April, 2016

600 Minutes of Swing in Scotland

Last weekend, saw the 4th 600 minutes of Swing, dance Event, in Scotland. JiveSwing Teachers Joseph & Charlotte, were happy to be invited to teach there for the 3rd time, since they started.

600 minutes, is a medium sized swing dance weekend, run by a team of university students and held across several venues, in the beautiful town of St Andrews. Joseph & Charlotte (UK), were teaching alongside fellow teachers Emelie & Rebecka DecaVita (Sweden), Aurore Sapaly & Aurélien Faravelon (France).

Dancers came, primarily from other universities around the UK, such as Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, to more southern universities in Nottingham, plus non-student, swing dancers from USA, France, Germany and Sweden etc.

It was also really nice to see many of the original society students, that set up the society, returning from their current town of work, to support the event.

The atmosphere in both classes and social dances, were really warm and friendly, where everyone danced with each other, the whole night, resulting in a really chilled, yet exciting weekend. We had such a great time sharing our knowledge, history , culture, passion and dance with everyone.

We’d like to say a massive thanks to all the St Andrews University Swing Dance society, for putting on such a great weekend and inviting us to be part of it. Thanks also to all the amazing students that participated on the weekend too. Hope to see you all again soon.