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Sunday, 19th June, 2016

Shuttleworth Hangar Dance 2016

Last week, JiveSwing teachers Chris Barclay, accompanied the JiveSwing Hoppers and Charlie’s Angels to the first Hangar Dance at the historic Shuttleworth, in Bedfordshire, who host a collection of amazing Edwardian Flying Machines.

The JiveSwing Hoppers opened up the show, during the day, performing just outside the Hangar with exhilarating Lindy Hop numbers, which got the audience going.

This was followed by some of the Charlie’s Angels team, one of the UK’s leading all female dance troupe, above

Finally, JiveSwing teacher Chris Barclay got lots of people up, on the dance floor, to learn a few steps, before dancing to the a faboulous DJ set from the amazing Jeep Jump Jive and the live music from the stunning Polka Dot Dolls, an all female trio, who kept, the crowds going :-)


Monday, 6th June, 2016

Lindy Hop Fiesta Hamburg 2016

JiveSwing teachers, Joseph & Charlotte, have just finished another amazing June weekend in Hamburg, at Lindy Fiesta 2016.


This was the 2nd year, where Joseph & Charlotte, were working alongside super nice teachers Maxi and Agustina, from Argentina.  It was a great teaching team, with Lutz organising everything for us.

Joseph & Charlotte, put the students through their paces, sharing history, exciting moves and off course amazing jokes. It was really good to see the progression, of all the students, from the start to the end of each class, building confidence and technique over the weekend.

By the end of the class, Joseph & Charlotte, left their the usual signature trail of destruction, as students had so much excitement, they all collapsed after the last class.

In the evening, we all went social dancing, in the main town area, next to a beautiful lake..  The views were amazing, so after a few hot dances, with the students, we went for a short walk..

All in all, another great weekend.. Thanks so much to our super host Ishgard, for letting for organising our lovely accommodation and Lutz for organising such a fab weekend, with our friends Maxi and Agustina.

Charlotte and I can’t wait until 2017..