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600 Minutes of Swing 2014

Monday, 28th April, 2014

Back home with fond memories, photos and a fridge magnet, following 600 Minutes Of Swing Weekend, at St Andrews University in Scotland. It was the 2nd event and the 2nd time, that Charlotte and I were teaching there.

From the moment, we arrived in St Andrews, we could see and feel how much the St Andrews Swing Dance Society, lead by Yana and Tessa, had grown and stepped up a gear. The Friday night party was swingin’ and my shirt was mingin’ lol..  It was great to see and dance with lots of new people and familiar faces from 2013.

I think this was our Blues or Intermediate Class.

With dancers from as far as Finland, it was also great to see people actually working hard with our techniques in class and producing positive results, by the end of the session..

We focused on teaching Lindy Hop and Blues this year, with the usual dash of  Jamaican Patwa (Yeahman..!) .. Saturday night was the big night, the Teachers performance night, where we executed some improvised social dances, including a group performance with our fellow teachers Arnas and Egle, with 1 mins notice.. If that wasn’t enough, I also DJ’d a blues set between the amazing Blueswater blues band at their famous All night Bluuuues and Snoooooze party.. !! What a party.. !!

Finally, the weekend came to a close, on Sunday afternoon, with a History Talk, at St Andrews University, where I was allowed to pontificate on the subject of Swing and Blues dancing, followed by a Tea with live music.

In summary, lots of really nice people in class, nice location, nice bands and a whole lot of social dancing, making the weekend 600 amazing minutes of swing.. Miss you already St Andrews . :-) . Yeaahmaaaaan !!


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