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Blues-icality Weekend – Hertfordshire

Wednesday, 15th April, 2015

Last weekend Joseph & Charlotte stayed in the UK in their home town of Hertford, in Hertfordshire to teach their very own ‘Blues-icality weekend’, for their local dance community. A whole day of Blues, followed by another day of Improvisation/Musicality.

Saturday – Dancers at the Blues I Workshop (part of Blues-icality)

Dancers bodies, were pushed to their limits, as they worked on isolating every muscle in their bodies, to sing and groove rhythmically to the blues, whilst exploring the history.

This was followed by a mass JiveSwing meal, as we took over a local restaurant , then a very lively (now monthly) Blues Party (photos to follow soon), where everyone got down and had a serious night of party. At the end of the night,  the bins were filled with bottles, which was evidence that the Essex mob, were there !! It was a party!!

The following day, was more challenging on the mind and peoples confidence/self awareness, as they were put through a series of advanced Improvisation drills and exercises (still suffering, from the effects of the night before.)

Sunday  – Dancers working on a peculiar Improvisation drill… :-)

It was so amazing to see people’s confidence growing, as they started to improvise to the music and step out of their comfort zone. Not for the faint hearted… !!

We look forward to running more of these workshops.. Great fun.. :-)