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Breaking News: Flake Thief on the Loose

Wednesday, 26th June, 2013

JiveSwing Police are today on the lookout for the Lindy Hop teacher and performer, Alison Marsh. Marsh, also known to some as ‘Sparky’, is alleged to have committed an unprovoked attack on fellow JiveSwinger, Pete Thompson.

Request for information.

Pete, known for having mean feet, had little chance of escape as he was caught unaware during a photo opportunity some 2000 metres out at sea, on Southend Pier.

The attempted theft took place at JiveSwing’s popular annual event, the Southend Lindy Exchange on 8th June at around lunchtime. It is not yet known whether Marsh was feeling peckish or simply causing a nuisance. A source, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of a reprisal attack, informed the JiveSwing Blog that Marsh has been seeking a career as a Cadbury’s Flake Girl for some time.

JiveSwing photographer Steve Merchant caught the incident on film and has made the footage available to the public.

Caught on camera by Steve Merchant.

Marsh’s current whereabouts are unknown, but she has been sighted teaching exuberantly in the Letchworth area on Monday nights.

A spokesperson for JiveSwing said, “we recommend keeping snack items indoors and advise all JiveSwingers to be vigilant until Sparky is caught.”

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