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GNSH – Goodnight Sweetheart 2016

Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

What a weekend! Still recovering from GNSH 2016. After 15 years of being in a Harry Potter style venue, set in the countryside village of Hertford Heath, the event moved to an Old Church, in the centre of a busy Watford City. 

Phone Photo – Dancers, still swinging out in the early hours of the morning.

Whilst it was not as big as our previous events, which attracted over 500 people, the new venue was filled with 170 dancers from 15 different European Countries. The atmosphere in the evening dances were amazing, as everyone dance with each other, as if it was a family reunion.  Each night was themed, with 1920’s on Saturday, featuring the Last Chance Ragtime Band, plus the Teachers Cabaret, then 1940’s on Sunday, featuring the 18 piece Cliff Longhurst & The Jazz Knights Orchestra, plus the GNSH JnJ and Authentic Jazz Competition, featuring dancers from all over Europe. :-)

Phone Photo: Teachers enjoying lunch, with some of the GNSH volunteers

We had a good group of international teachers, including Max & Audrey (FR), Pamela & Mindaugas (LT), Arnas & Egle (LT), Stepan (CZ), Chris & Alison (UK), plus Joseph & Charlotte (UK), who were also the hosts.

Phone Photo: Early arrivals queue up for a 2 course dinner

Everyone loved the new location, as everything was within 3 minutes walk, including the Hotel, just across the road, where we all ate breakfast and dinner together. The feedback about the food, was amazing, as everyone talked and laughed.  

Phone Photo: Some of the 100 dancers, who dined together each day, at the hotel, opposite the venue.

Feedback regarding all the workshops were really positive, as GNSH offered workshops in Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Blues, Tap, Performance, Shag etc.. There was so much laughter, whilst everyone worked together to improve. Extra thanks to Keighley and Audrey, who stepped in to cover some of Charlotte’s classes, whilst she became unwell.

Phone Photo: Intermediate Class, with Joseph & Keighley, working on technique in the dance studio

Massive thanks to the project team Charlotte Middlemiss, Steve Merchant, Sam Rummey, Debbie Spratt, Savio Gimmi, Bob Barratt, who spent months planning, along with all the volunteers, teachers, bands etc, who pull out all the stops over the weekend. Also huge thanks to everyone that came, shared their joy, passion, fun, love and friendliness making GNSH a real GNSH family event. See you all in February 2017..