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Hamburg Swing Fiesta – Germany

Monday, 18th May, 2015

This weekend, the JiveSwing dynamic duo, made their way to teach swing n blues dancing, in Hamburg for the first time. We flew in fine EasyJet style, taking our now, mandatory selfie, before we boarded the plane, despite the severe winds.

The students were simply great.. Focused, full of energy (even on the last class of the weekend!!!!) and keen to learn. We all worked together as a team, which made a great learning environment, where we could clearly see,  the difference from start to finish.

 Selfie with the Intermediate Class 

 The location was ideal, as all classes were located on a school site, with so many nice restaurants and take aways, to choose from. We found a really nice Arabian restaurant, which served fresh and yummy food, so had an arabian diet for the weekend, with some of our students, organisers and fellow teachers. Someone must have told them that we love humous.

Teachers from left to right: maxi (ARG), Charlotte (UK), Joseph (UK), Augustina (ARG)

On Saturday eventing, we had a great party on the Saturday, night we were got the opportunity to dance with all the students and spend time, with our fellow teachers Maxi and Augustina, from Argentina.  It’s always nice to work with other teachers that you get on well with and you’d think we’d know each other for a while.

Massive thanks to Lutz and all the organisers, from NewSwing Generation, for inviting us to be part of the workshop, along with our amazing host Isgard, for looking after all our creature comfort needs. :-)

Hamburg we love you and can’t wait to be back…. :-)