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Harlem Nights with The Polka Dot Dolls

Sunday, 4th May, 2014

What a night.. Oh what a Harlem Nights..!! The feedback from Harlem Nights in Watford, has been great. The night kicked off, with a fun class for people of all ages, levels and abilities, with JiveSwing teacher Steve Merchant, sometimes known as Stephanie.. :-)

The Polka Dot Dolls were on form, looking great and definitely in full swing last weekend, as they kept all the swing dancers on the floor all night. So much so that the photographer abandoned his camera in favour of dancing…. lol..

                                      The Polka Dot Dolls performing at Harlem Nights

The night was run by JiveSwing Watford’s favourite mummy Carol Bungay and JiveSwing DJ Michael Proctor, who kept the night going, before, between and after the band sets, with the help of his protege Fiona Benson. Great night had by all. :-)

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