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Havel Hop 2014 – Germany

Tuesday, 6th May, 2014

We had a great time, at Havel Hop 2014, which is an international dance event, based in the town of Postsdam, Germany, with international teachers, live music every night and dancers from everywhere.

                                The Havel Hop International teaching Team

It was great to work with teachers that we hadn’t work with for a long time, such as Peter & Naomi, Henric & Joanna Stillman, along with Nicolas and Mikaela, who we’ve never worked with before, as it made a great team.  It was great to have the opportunity to social dance with a lot of  people from the classes, after which time, were asked to perform. We were thinking of dancing to the band, then asked the DJ to play a slow track for us to do a slow improvised social dance to.

There was the usual, crazy atmosphere, in the classes, as we shared the now standard contagious JiveSwing family spirit and love with everyone

                                             Joseph & Charlotte, with the Level B Class

We would like to say a Massive thanks to the Havel Hop super organisers, Talea, Holger, Veronica and Francesca who ran such a nice event and all the amazing students, who made it so much fun and Janna for driving us. :-)

Joseph and Charlotte

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