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Henlow Hop – 1940’s RAF Hangar Dance

Thursday, 30th July, 2015

On Wednesday 29th July 2015, the JiveSwing team, were on the road again, providing the entertainment for Henlow Hop, RAF Henlow’s Hangar Dance, to raise funds for Royal Air Force Association, Help for Heroes and Keech Hospice Care.

RAF residents and lots of JiveSwing fans, came from the local area and other parts of the country to attend, this fabulous event, where they were transported back to the 1940’s.

The night got off to an auspicious start, as hundreds of people left their seats, to take part in a fun beginners 1940’s Lindy Hop dance class with  international teachers Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss, from JiveSwing.Com. By the end of the class, even those who claimed to have 3 left feet, were full of laughter and were up dancing to the big band and having fun.  

Recorded music was provided by JiveSwing, but Live music, was provided by the Three Belles and The Queens Band Div Big Band, an amazing swing outfit, consisting of up to 26 RAF & Army musicians, lead by Capt Jon.

JiveSwing’s performance teams The All-Stars and Charlie’s Angels, received a rapturous applause, following a string of performances , including a live show to the Three Belles.

Jeep Jump Jive, provided their Jeep Photo booth and were kept very busy, as everyone had a great time, taking photos in their 1940’s and military attire. :-)

It became very difficult to identify genuine RAF members against some of the guests, who had made an effort to look authentic.

It was a brilliant Hangar Dance. The JiveSwing team arrived home on Thursday morning and within hours, had messages from all their fans, to confirm that Chris Evans had commented about JiveSwing and the Hangar dance on his BBC2 Radio Show.

A huge thanks to all the JiveSwing team and most important, Flight Lieutenant Anne Geisow, who after putting in so much work organising this amazing event, was called away on duty for the country, shortly before the event.

We’re looking forward to Henlow Hop 2016 already :-)