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Hop Potato 2015

Monday, 16th March, 2015

Last weekend took us back up to Hop Potato, an event run by the students of Aberdeen University Swing Dance Society, at Aberdeen University. It was our 3rd time, at Hop Potato, following a two year break, where the teachers, this year were Joseph & Charlotte (UK), Chris Harm (AU) and Giedre (LT), who made a great fun team.

Photo: by a very shaky selfie hand – Teachers, taken at the end of the night in one of the student pubs.. lol..

Dancers, Students and Alumini came from all over Scotland, for 2 days of workshop, plus 3 nights of social dancing with live music, followed by Blues parties each night.. We had a great time with the students, who were amazing, as we could see the transformation, as their dancing and technique developed over the weekend.

 Photo by Martin Gies (auto flash) – Survivors of Sunday’s Blues at Hop Potato.. 

 We’d like to thank to Martin and the Aberdeen Swing Dance Society, for putting on yet another good and fun Potato Hop..