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JiveSwing at the Anton & Erin Show – Jersey

Wednesday, 16th May, 2012

JiveSwing duo, Joseph Sewell & Charlotte Middlemiss, were invited to perform at the Anton & Erin Show in Jersey, last weekend.

Charlotte Middlemiss, with BBC Strictly’s Anton DuBeke – Jersey 2012

 We were so excited, for the opportunity to work with these amazing stars of BBC Strictly, but it was also our very first time in Jersey.

Joseph Sewell with Erin Boag – Jersey 2012

On arrival, we were were taken directly to a really manor house, for the weekend, where we stayed with fellow artists, Luke Dowling and James Doubfire, the main dancer and choreographers, from the group Tap Dogs.

Joseph & Charlotte with the Tap Dogs dancers.

Joseph & Charlotte with Tap Dogs, James Doubtfire and Luke Dowling

The show was a blast, as we performed our routines to recorded music, followed by an impromptu Jazz, Tap and Lindy Jam, to the amazing Joe Stilgoe band, live.

Joseph & Charlotte with Joe Stile – Jersey 2012

 Overall an unforgettable experience and we thanks Christophe for giving us the opportunity to be part of this amazing event.