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JiveSwing Dancing at the Galleria

Sunday, 26th April, 2015

The JiveSwing family, consisting of dancers from our local classes, took to the dance floors, on Sunday 26th April, to entertain hundreds of shoppers at the Galleria Shopping Centre in Hatfield.

Crowds gathered and watched, as the dancers from JiveSwing, led by JiveSwing teachers Steve Merchant and Keighley Bowen, performed the JiveSwing Stroll and  danced the Lindy Hop to Swing music, all afternoon.

JiveSwing teachers Steve & Keighley doing the Lindy Hop

Many passers by stopped and became interested in our vintage dance called Lindy Hop and were very keen to attend classes. All the dancers, that came to supported reported that they enjoyed an afternoon of FREE dancing and looking forward to the next one. :-)