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JiveSwing Jazz Festival – Watford

Monday, 27th July, 2015

After months of planning with Watford Borough Council and over 2500 fans destined for the JiveSwing Jazz Festival in Watford, the day had finally arrived.

Whilst the weather was a little unkind, local residents and hundreds of brave and keen JiveSwing  fans, still turned up from as South as Kent and Portsmouth, as West as Wales, as East as Ipswich and as North as York to enjoy the festival despite, what can only be described as torrential rain.

The bands looked on from a covered stage, as swing dancers continue to Lindy Hop in the Marquee and on the grass, with huge smiles all having fun.

photo – courtesy of D.Brady Watford Borough Council
This was such a community event, with many people chipping in to clear up and help to pack tents and staging away.

Massive thanks to all the artists, Polka Dot Dolls, The Bevin Boys, Tony Oliver Jazz Band, Cliff Longhurst Swing Orchestra, JiveSwing DJ Michael Proctor ‘AKA Green Lantern’ , Savio Gimmi, Sound Technician,  Jeep Jump Jive, Jeep photo booth, plus Creative Director Charlotte Middlemiss for organising the cabarets with the awesome Charlie’s Angels performance troupe.

It didn’t matter how busy the day was, every still found time to take photos with Jeep Jump Jive.
All other photos – courtesy of Steve Merchant – JiveSwing.Com

Finally, this could not happen without the help and support from Watford Borough Council’s Debbie and all relevant sponsors