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When Lindy Hop met Rock n Roll…

Wednesday, 8th May, 2013

Joseph Sewell, Charlotte Middlemiss, Alison Marsh, newbie teacher Steve Merchant and the JiveSwing Hoppers, had a great day Performing and Teaching at the Essex Vintage Festival over the bank holiday weekend. Surrounded by vintage stalls, approx 60 new people attended our Lindy Hop and 1920’s Charleston class and were hungry to learn more. However it was a privilege to talk and work alongside 1950’s British Rock n Roll icon, Wee Willie Harris.

Joseph and Charlotte with Wee Willie Harris at the Essex Vintage Festival 2013.

We did a quick google when I got home and realised that Wee Willie Harris was a hugely popular 50s TV star, did west end theatres and all over the UK. Apparently, even Paul McCartney and John Lennon reportedly queued for his autograph!


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