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Lindy On The Edge 2014 – Norway

Tuesday, 11th November, 2014

So it was my 5th time, travelling to teach at Lindy On the Edge. This is a really nice camp, with a warm and very friendly feeling, held in Stavanger, Norway.. They have dancers from all over Norway and abroad, which makes for a really great mix, where it was nice to see some old and new faces.. :-)

Selfie with some of the dancers from the Intermediate Class at Lindy On The Edge 2014

All the students were really great.. Full of enthusiasm and keen to learn. The social dance was held an a really nice Jazz Club, where the atmosphere was buzzing with energy, whilst still maintaining that family feel. Unfortunately, at the last moment, Charlotte couldn’t make it, so I was travelling to teach alone, for the first time in a long while.. However my fellow teachers below,were so amazing and friendly, including the lovely Anne, from Sweden help with a few classes.. It just felt like a reunion of old friends as we taught, walked, laughed and over indulged in  extra pizzas :-)

Teachers: Anne Normann (SWE), Joseph Sewell (UK). and Daniel Larsson (SWE) – lindy on the edge 2014

A massive thanks to the organisors, with particular regard for Steve and Alison,  for making me feel so welcome and being the perfect hosts, leaving me wanting for nothing..

Looking forward to LOTE 2015 already.. Are you ready ??

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