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Lindy On The Edge 2015 – Norway

Monday, 23rd November, 2015

Lindy On The Edge 2015.. Wow.. Joseph & Charlotte left Heathrow Terminal 5, to set off to Norway. It was their 5th time teaching at Lindy On The Edge and they were looking forward to catching up with their friends and new students.

Joseph & Charlotte setting off from Heathrow Terminal 5

Lindy On The Edge is a not-for-profit event, held in the small and beautiful sea-side town of Stavanger, Norway, run by a team of volunteers, where everyone steps in to make the weekend happen. Everyone dancers, talks and eat together, like one big family.  This year keen dancers attended from France, Germany, England, plus other countries and all over Norway. Teachers this year were Joseph Sewell (UK), Charlotte Middlemiss (UK), Daniel Larsson (SWE) and Alison McCullough (Norway)

Swede and The Sweet Swingers Band at LOTE

Joseph Sewell, Charlotte Middlemiss & Daniel Larsson with the Swede and Sweet Swingers.

The social dances were so much fun and filled with a vibrant, yet friendly atmosphere. New for 2015, was the addition of a new band, called ‘The Swede and The Sweet Swingers’. They’re an amazing group of talented young musician’s, lead by Singer and Band Leader Isabelle Kongshaug, who sounds like Billie Holiday and looks like Nicole Kidman. The group all met at Music school, but as Isabelle is a swing dancer, they knew what to play to keep everyone swinging out on the dance floor. Watch out for them.. !!

Joseph & Charlotte after the last class of the weekendJoseph & Charlotte after the final class at LOTE 2015

 The Students were amazing this year and classes were filled with lots of energy and excitment. J&C put them through some 10 hours of gruelling fun classes in Lindy Hop, Double Lindy and Authentic Jazz. By the end of the last class, everyone was ready to collapse, but with a big smile on their faces.

Lindy On The Edge organisers and Friends
Joseph & Charlotte with the LOTE Organisers & Friends all ready for bed!

Once again a huge heartfelt thanks to the team Steve, Alison, Ricsi and Annika, for putting on such an amazing and friendly weekend, along with Steve who looks after us so well, going to Stavanger, feels like another home. :-)

Looking forward to seeing everyone again at LOTE 2016… Get Ready… and Keep your swing outs Steady… !!