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Mill Green Museum Vintage Festival 2015

Monday, 20th July, 2015

On Saturday, 19th July 2015, Mill Green went back in time to the 1940’s, as the JiveSwing.Com, team made another appearance at the annual Mill Green Vintage Festival, in Mill Green, Hatfield in Hertfordshire.

As usual, lots of JiveSwing’s dancing fans turned up, from all over, dressed in vintage to support the event, as well as lots of local residents :-)

Thousands of people turned up throughout the day and many who confessed to having two left feet, attempted a dance class led by JiveSwing.Com’s dance teacher Alex Gall, along with Sarah Spratt, who taught a fun taster class. Everyone was amazed at how easily they picked up the moves and felt confident to try a weekly JiveSwing class. :-)

Other members of JiveSwing.Com contributed to the successfully day, such as Jeep Jump Jive, who provided their Jeep and Sue, who provided a display of vintage clothing.

Huge thanks to Mill Green Museum on another successful event and for inviting JiveSwing. Here’s to Mill Green Vintage Festival 2016 :-)