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New dancers at JiveSwing Classes

Friday, 26th September, 2014

What a month so far in the JiveSwing family.. It’s been so great to see so many new people that started all nervous at the start of September, persisting and now doing really well this week and showing real progress, with lots of potential.

It’s also been nice to see all the new friendships that have been established at all the JiveSwing Classes, with people being quickly embraced by the experienced dancers into the JiveSwing family. :-).

 New dancers at JiveSwing Welwyn Class, doing really well. :-)

We’ve had people from all walks of life, from student to doctors.. Some have given up after a week, but many have stayed.. We spoke to one new student at Brentwood last Wednesday, who was finding it really challenging during his first two weeks, but with persistence he turned a corner this week and was doing REALLY well. Persistence and consistency is the key to learning..

See you all on the dance floor :-)