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New Year in Italy

Thursday, 10th January, 2013

We arrived in the beautiful town of Pescara, with sea and mountain views, just in time to sample some Italian food, then off to start the day of classes, organised by Abruzzo Swing Dance Society. There was a great atmosphere during the day, as we shared our passion of Swing dance, singing our way through the workshop. In my efforts to learn Italian, we created a compromised language “Jam-alian”, which is a mixture of Jamaican Patwa and Italian…

Joseph and Charlotte dancing to the Billy Bros. Jumpin’ Orchestra (Credit: Mario Siega)

The evening was like a big family reunion party, as we danced all night to live music by the Billy Bros. Jumpin Orchestra, who played all my favourite count Basie classics.

On Sunday we drove 200 miles to teach another day of workshops, which took place in Rome, co-organised by Diana. We worked everyone hard with new moves, figures and technique. It was great to see everyone having fun, yet learning lots and improving by the end of the weekend.

Joseph and Charlotte at Rhythm 4, December 2012 (Credit: Roberta Bevilacqua)

After social dancing to another band, we stopped off at the famous Roman Coliseum, to take pictures and do the Shim Sham. Had to be done…

We completed the weekend, with a more relaxed New Year’s Eve, eating at an amazing seafood restaurant on the beach, where we tried fresh Shell fish, for the very first time, such as mussels, oyster and calamari. This was followed by a New Year’s Eve dance and fireworks in the town square.

We would like to say a HUGE thanks to the organisors, Roberta and Maurizio, who took care of us for the whole weekend like we we were one of their family. We love you.


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