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Thursday, 26th June, 2014

Joseph & Charlotte were invited back to teach at Swizzle Swing Summer Sensation 2014 in Dublin, for their second time, to raise funds for KIDS Charity. It was a really good weekend of workshops, with two levels and a group of genuinely nice people, where you could really see the difference in everyone’s dancing from start to finish. :-) Everyone did well, as people were pushed beyond their own limits to produce Jazz, Lindy and even aerial movements, they had never imagined themselves doing.. They evening dance, was full of fun and atmosphere, with a variety of DJ’s, whilst J&C shared the jiveswing spirit and love with everyone.

┬áLevel II group – Photo by innocent bystander

The organisers Cora, Paola, with host Amy super chef Chris were really nice and awesome people, full of passion for both the dance and the charity, which combined with J&C’s energy resonated a feeling of joy throughout the weekend. All in the aid of helping young children….

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