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Thanks and Merry Christmas

Thursday, 24th December, 2015

It’s that time of year again, where we’d like to say a massive ‘THANK YOU’ on behalf of all the  JiveSwing Family, to all dancers, organisors, friends, family and everyone around the globe, that has contributed to the development of the JiveSwing throughout 2015.

It’s been a journey, but based on our feedback and requests, we’ve now got lots of new projects, including new teaching opportunities, more performance groups, lots of exciting workshops and new events, happening throughout Hertfordshire, Essex, Middlesex, Kent and further afield.

A heartfelt thanks goes out to the JiveSwing Crew. We have one of the best teams in the world, constantly working hard to build the JiveSwing family and communities. We also have some amazing teachers, that have worked so hard to develop their continual training, in both dancing and teaching, to ensure that you have awesome and fun classes. It’s been so nice to see how far, some of our newer teachers have come, poised to take on the international stage.


Each year we celebrate engagements and marriages, by dancers who have met at JiveSwing.Com. Throughout 2015, we’ve  seen so many new couples forming in our classes, resulting in at least 2 weddings in 2016, so far. We’ve also seen people come to Jiveswing alone, meeting lots of new people, who have become best friends, going out for meals and on holiday together. This is the true spirit of the JiveSwing family.

In 2015, JiveSwing have contributed help and thousands to charities such as KIDS Ireland & Argentina, Michael Sobell Hospice, St Clares Hospice and many more, all led by JiveSwing dancers.. :-)

Thanks again for putting up with our annual recognition. WE feel so privileged to be part of something like this, with such amazing friends.

We look forward to seeing you all at The JiveSwing Vintage Ball 2015 in a few days, for a whole night of fun and outrageous partying, with over 200 dancers, followed by our Annual Harlem Night’s New Year’s Extravaganza on Saturday 2nd January 2016. However, if we don’t see you there, we’d like to wish you a fabulous Christmas and everything you desire in 2016

Merry Christmas wherever you are and see you all in 2016. :-)

God Bless

Joseph, Charlotte and all the JiveSwing Family