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Tuballoswing Florence Swing n Blues Workshop

Monday, 30th March, 2015

So this weekend, our travels took us to Tuscany, Italy, for the first time, as we were invited to teach Swing and Blues Workshops in Florence. We flew from a cold Gatwick into Pisa, which was warm and sunny.

Dancers came from all over Italy, including the North, South and Florence itself, for the two days of workshops in Lindy Hop, 20’s Charleston and Blues. We taught two levels, at the workshops, which were great fun and we could see a difference, in everyone from start to finish. It was particularly nice to push the students in the blues class and show them how improve their hip movements.. They all produced amazing results, as the Italian’s can really move their bodies..

 Students from the Blues workshop, relaxing their hips..

Every workshop, was followed by food and fun conversations with new and old friends. Pasta, Pizza, Frutta di mare, Tirimasu was always on the menu.. Sono diventato grasso a Florence.. :-)

The evening party, had an amazing atmosphere, with over 200 people dancing to the ‘Swing Valley Band’ and DJ Luci Q, from Rome. We got everyone up for the Big Apple, The Shim Sham, Jam circles and other improvised big apples, with a whole lot of general crazy party things going on until 4:00am..

We had such a good time in Florence, including a bit of sightseeing in the centre, where we visited the Duomo and Piazza’s. We would like to thank Antonio, Giulia and the whole Tuballoswing community in Florence for an great weekend.  Tiamo.. A Presto..