Lindy Charleston Intermediate II

June 2, 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Dance Studio, Nuffield Health Centre
Madford Retail Park
Ware Road, Hertford
Hertfordshire SG13 7RQ

This is an absolute MUST for anyone aspiring to attain the next level in their dancing.

This workshop will be aimed at a small group of Intermediate and above dancers, looking to challenge themselves, working primarily on classic 1930s Charleston Lindy Hop, incorporating Jazz movement, Spins & Turns, Followers Styling, whilst focusing on connection and other social dancing techniques, that make you stand out.

Dancers booking onto this workshop, will ideally have been attending weekly intermediate level lindy hop classes for 8 – 12 months or have completed our Fundamentals I & II workshops to feel comfortable with the pace, material and concepts taught.

This workshop will without doubt, give you the key tools to develop to the more advanced levels, so long as you follow our tried and tested methods.