Jiveswing Online Classes!

April 20, 2020 – May 17, 2020 all-day
Your own home!

Learn to Dance in the comfort of your own home

Subscribe to the JiveSwing Online Classes!  Simply pay just £39.99 for 4 weeks membership, and watch as many DAILY  Lindy Hop (Beginner/Improver and Intermediate-Advanced material) & Solo Jazz classes and Live streamed classes, that you can access EVERY DAY, whenever you want, wherever you want.. Just like Netflix!

Monday 20th April – Sunday 18th May 2020
Launch Time:6:00pm
Location: Your TV, Smartphone, Computer or iPad

– At least 2 Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz video classes uploaded daily.
– A full step by step, breakdown of all moves. Easier to follow.
– Opportunity to ask related questions online, in your own time.
– Selection of brand NEW moves, not seen anywhere else ever!
– Extra Weekly Challenge Class to push you.
– UNIQUE Moves that Joseph & Charlotte, planned to teach on their International Tour.
– Guest teachers from time to time.


– Weekly live streamed workshops, with Q&A session in real-time.
– Weekly Unreleased shows, History talks from Joseph and footage from international dancers and old timers, such as Norma Miller..
– Ability to ask for feedback online in real-time.

Access to loads of NEW online videos, with guided structure to develop your dancing from scratch to your chosen level, that you can watch just like NETFLIX.

Adhoc Live Workshops…
All the above for just £39.99, for a whole month. (That’s less than £0.99p per class)


Easter Offer = Book 2 x Courses for only £69.99 before 17th April 2020
(less than £0.59p per class)

We will have a private Facebook group you can join which will contain both a mixture of Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz, plus themed video classes such as leaders and follower variations, drills etc, so you can work with a partner or alone and still benefit 😊 All material will arranged into topics so it is easily navigated and both Beginners/Improvers & Intermediate/ Int/Adv will have daily Solo Jazz & Lindy Hop content posted, plus more.

Whilst we await a new platform to host the classes, groups will be formed via a private Facebook Group. Once you’ve paid & the course begins you’ll receive video classes uploaded every day, 5 days a week, that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, whilst self isolating or on the go anytime you want.

1) Beginner – Improvers – This level will provide classes to build you up from the basic, to be able to do swing outs and Charleston moves by the end of 4 weeks. You’ll get a mixture of classic and brand new moves.

2) Intermediates to Advanced – This level will provide a range of classic and brand new moves, that rely on you being able to dance all the key 6 count, 8 count and Charleston moves, competently. 
When does it start?

Course #2 : 20th April – 17th May 2020
Course #3: 18th May – 14th June 2020
The 4 week booking allows you 4 weeks access to all material in the online class group. After this time you will no longer have access to the material, unless renewing your membership for the next 4 week course :-)

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Happy dancing!

PS: Got questions? Please email us as admin@jiveswing.com

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