Jiveswing Online Classes!

May 18, 2020 – June 14, 2020 all-day
Your own home!

Learn to Dance in the comfort of your own home

Subscribe to the JiveSwing Online Classes from TODAY!!  Simply pay just £39.00 for 4 weeks membership, of DAILY Lindy Hop (Beginner/Improver OR Intermediate-Advanced material) & Solo Jazz classes, at least 2 classes per DAY or at least 10 per WEEK!

Monday 18th May – Sunday 14th June 2020
Launch Time:6:00pm
Location: Your TV, Smartphone, Computer or iPad

What you’ll get: 
– At least 2 classes per week day in Lindy Hop and Solo Jazz 
– A full step by step, breakdown of all moves, making it easier to follow. 
– Opportunity to ask related questions online.
– A selection of brand NEW moves, not seen anywhere else ever!
– Moves that Joseph & Charlotte, had planned to teach on their International Tour
– Solo Drills & ideas on how to practise steps and techniques as a solo dancer. 
Plus… .

– Weekly online live workshops, with Q&A session.
– Weekly UNRELEASED shows, talks and video footage from international dancers and old timers, such as Norma Miller.
– Ability to ask for feedback online.

Plus you’ll get…

Weekly live online streamed workshops, with everyone, allowing for  Q&A session.

How Much Is It?
All the above for just £39.99, for a whole month. (That’s less than £1.99 per day of classes)


Book a 2 x Course package for only £69.99 (That’s less than 60 pence per class)

How it works:

We will have 2 levels that you can join Beginner/Improver level or Intermediate- Intermediate/Advanced and both will contain a mixture of Lindy Hop & Solo Jazz, plus themed classes such as follower variations etc, so you can work with a partner or alone and still benefit 😊

The group will be formed via a private Facebook Group. Once you’ve paid you’ll receive classes uploaded every day, 5 days a week, that you can watch from the comfort of your own home, whilst self isolating or on the go.

Which level shoud I choose: 
1) Beginner – Improvers – This level will provide classes to build you up from the basic, to be able to do Swing Outs and Charleston moves by the end of 4 weeks plus a solo jazz routine (& more!). You’ll get a mixture of classic and brand new moves.
2) Intermediates to Intermediate/Advanced – This move will provide a range of classic and brand new moves, that rely on you being able to dance all the key 6 count, 8 count and Charleston moves, competently, plus a grounding in Solo Jazz. 

When does it start?

Course #1:  Monday 23rd March to 19th April 2020.
Course #2:  Monday 20th April to 17th May 2020
Course #3:  Monday 18th May to 14th June 2020
NB: Whenever you join, you’ll get access to ALL the material and classes from previous courses plus material from the new course too.  (Beginner-Advanced Level)  

Join the JiveSwing Online Revolution Now!

Happy dancing! 

PS: Got questions? Please email us as admin@jiveswing.com 

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