Welwyn/Hatfield Council
Half term dance festival for junior schools

Circle Link schools dance project

Wyllyotts Theatre
Government project to get children dancing

Channing Independent School
Charity ball

Haileybury School
Dance activities for boarders

Wessex Primary School
Dance for Black History Month

Amwell View School
Working with children who have learning difficulties and SEN

I just wanted to contact you straight away to thank you for a fantastic day. I have heard nothing but praise for you both from teachers and children alike. Apparently you are the coolest teachers we’ve ever had in school – pretty sickening for the rest of us!! I can’t thank you enough, most of our children will never have experienced anything like that before and probably won’t again for a long time.
M. Chapman, Monkfield Park, Cambridgeshire

Thanks again for a great workshop and the time spent giving them help with their theory. This is just what they need for this Unit and they have now got lots of material to play around with as well as a start for their written work… really pleased with their progress thanks to you guys.
K.Jackman,Bishop Wand, Surrey

JiveSwing are great! The kids loved it and felt a great sense of achievement in a short time. The teachers were very visual and made sure all the kids were involved and had time to learn the moves whilst presenting pacy and challenging sessions.
S.Potts, Heathlands School for Deaf Children, Hertfordshire

The children simply adored you. They had so much fun.
Channing School, London

The majority of children in our school have little experience of varying cultures and sometimes they find it difficult to empathise and put themselves in somebody else’s shoes. Very few go abroad on holiday. Through taking part in this exciting day they were all given the opportunity to explore and gain some understanding of several different countries. It will be something that they will always remember.

It was certainly a treat for the children to have such experts leading the workshops. Also it was a fitting way to end the day with the children watching the workshop leaders perform, having had an introduction to the dance forms.
Parent, Cambridgeshire

JiveSwing Dance for schools, colleges and universities, gives pupils the opportunity to learn dance in their school as part of their academic and creative studies. As the UK’s leading specialist for providing vintage, swing and heyday dances in schools, JiveSwing’s mission is to build social awareness, confidence, and self-esteem in children.

By working with a partner in a dance setting, students are required to exhibit care, consideration, team work, and mutual respect; all transferable skills necessary for adult life. People all around the world share many different dancing traditions; sometimes it is nice to have a sampling from many different places. Through dancing, familiar lessons about community and social interaction are learnt, whilst discovering similarities and celebrating differences between cultures.

JiveSwing’s team of school specialists are CRB checked, have experience of working from age 6 onwards and teach in schools on a weekly basis.

JiveSwing dancing is interdisciplinary, connecting many different lessons across many different curricula; music, physical education, history, and culture. Just as importantly, it addresses social skills and community awareness as students learn the etiquette of dancing with different partners. At its best, a dance session feels like play, with lessons contextualised within specific dance activities instead of lectures or presentations.


Curriculum links

The most popular programmes taught are those in which dance is linked with a particular subject or project, for example:

World History

WW2, the influence of American culture in British society


British youth culture pre 1960s

Performing Arts

The evolvement of American/British dance styles, from the 1900s onwards

Social Studies/Citizenship

Understanding more about multicultural Britain


Building social skills and community awareness


The influence of traditional dances in contemporary society

Black History Month

The roots of American/British dance styles, understanding more about multicultural Britain


Choreography for school performances plays

Sports Studies/PE

Dance as a sport



Charges will depend on the type of programme you choose. Please contact JiveSwing to discuss your requirements and or seek a quotation. Prices quoted do not include expenses for the hire of head microphones, travel, food and overnight accommodation (if required). A deposit is required and you will be invoiced for the balance prior to the teaching date with payment due within 14 days after the service has been provided.

Cancellations: 30 days notice in writing, after which full payment will be required.