JiveSwing All-Stars

The JiveSwing All-Stars (formerly known as Swing Attack), is a JiveSwing professional performance group, that was founded in 2007 by Joseph Sewell and has been touring the UK and Europe since May 2008.

As one of the UK’s most exciting exports, the group is made up of female and male dancers who attend or teach at JiveSwing classes. A JiveSwing All-Stars show can consist of 2 to 10 dancers, performing high energy acrobatic Lindy Hop, 1920’s Charleston, 1910s Black Bottom and Authentic Jazz routines.

The JiveSwing All-Stars have the experience to take on a wide range of projects including, theatre, TV shows and adverts, music videos, film, weddings, Christmas events or any other special occasion. They can also manage the MC’ing too.

The JiveSwing All-Stars have also been used by bands to provide improvised shows to add to their performances.