Schools: Lesson Plans

Welwyn/Hatfield Council
Half term dance festival for junior schools

Circle Link schools dance project

Wyllyotts Theatre
Government project to get children dancing

Channing Independent School
Charity ball

Haileybury School
Dance activities for boarders

Wessex Primary School
Dance for Black History Month

Amwell View School
Working with children who have learning difficulties and SEN

Over 45 pupils enjoyed an hour long lesson… working through specific patterns and set movements that had been adapted to suit pupils with severe learning difficulties and special needs… Joseph and Charlotte made a lasting impression on both staff and pupils not only with their teaching styles and delivery, but also with the exceptional and enthusiastic performance they demonstrated for the children.
A. Elms, Head of Dance, Amwell view School and Specialist College, Hertford

Thank you again for the amazing workshop which you and Charlotte ran, it had to be one of my best days at work in 6 years. The children had a fantastic time and could not stop talking about it. It was a great way to consolidate Year 4’s World War Two topic and for our Year 5’s to complete their dance unit in P.E. All the staff thoroughly enjoyed it too with both the head and deputy being distracted from their daily duties to come and have a look on several occasions.
S. Stephenson, Martins Wood Primary School, Stevenage

Once again, a big thank you for running such fun workshops for the kids last week. I could see everyone enjoying themselves… good vibes all round – really well done!!
K.Neal, Cambridgeshire

JiveSwing’s role is to structure the classes to meet the client’s needs, as well as ensure that students have a fantastic learning experience. JiveSwing will discuss with you the dance style(s) that most interest you and fit within your subject area and adapt and adjust the class to meet the expectations of you and your students. Most of the traditional dances styles are partnered however there are also solo/team dances where partners are not required. Whether you’re a co-educational or single-sex school, JiveSwing can find a dance style to suit.

JiveSwing has a team of male and female teachers who will prepare classes that serve a diverse population of children; there are no pre-requisites and experience is not required. JiveSwing expect all children in the class to participate and encourage their teachers to join in also.


Dance programmes

Programmes can take any shape depending on your needs. JiveSwing can be hired to cover a class period (min of 2 hours charged) or provide a regular teacher for the term or year. Most popular is 1-5 days of dance studies.


Example lesson plan



Learning outcome/benefits


Class 1 with Year 6 pupils
– Introductions and Q&A session for pupils
– A short history of dance style ‘X’ and video
– Warm-up
– A lesson in dance style ‘X’

Students get the opportunity to ask questions and make links to the subject or topic they are studying. They gain an insight of the dance, its origins & social context.


Class 1 with Year 7 pupils
Format as above, adding a little more challenge to the dance.

Dance is energetic, and pupils are able to channel their energies and stresses in a constructive way.


Class 2 with Year 6 pupils
– A short history of dance style ‘X’ and video
– Warm-up
– A lesson in dance style ‘X’
– Evaluate learning exercise

Dancing is great exercise and fun. It promotes social interaction between the sexes and stimulates their creativity, self expression & musicality.


Class 2 with Year 7 pupils
Format as above, adding a little more challenge to the dance.

Builds self esteem and teamwork amongst their peer group.


School Presentation
Final presentation, visually depicting the evolvement of popular dance styles and music from the late 19th C. Culminating in a performance by JiveSwing teachers of each dance style from the early 20th C to today’s popular dance craze.

Gives those that may not have taken part in the classes the opportunity to learn about the dance styles taught that day, its music and its history. Everyone is entertained by a live dance performance.