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JiveSwing classes, workshops and events

Classes in Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent and North London

Hertfordshire: Hatfield, Letchworth, St Albans, Watford, Welwyn
Essex: Brentwood, Chelmsford, Southend
Middlesex: Enfield, Harrow
Kent: Canterbury

Workshops in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London

Authentic Jazz
Lindy Hop

Events in Hertfordshire, Essex and North London

Monthly socials: Boogie Shack, Harlem Nights, Retro Sundays
Special events: The All-Dayer,  The Vintage Ball
Dance camps: GNSH (Goodnight Sweetheart)


Nationwide Organisations


Blues dance – Blues dancing in Bedford
Bedford Swing Dance Society – Lindy Hop in Bedford
Easy Jive – Modern Jive in Sandy
Twinwoods – Glenn Miller Festival
Swingsters – Swing Dancing in Bedford


Cambridge Lindy – Lindy Hop in Cambridge
Rug Cutters – Lindy Hop in Cambridgeshire

Essex – Lindy Hop in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Southend
The Jive Club – Modern Jive classes in Essex
Salsa chillout – Salsa in Essex
Salsa Smile – Salsa in Southend-on-Sea, Essex – Modern Jive in Southend


Jive Riot – Modern Jive in Hampshire
Lindyhop Solent – Lindy Hop in Hampshire
Swing Dance Company – Lindy Hop in Hampshire
6 ~ 4 Swing – Lindy Hop classes in Surrey
Simply Balboa – Balboa in Hampshire

Hertfordshire – Lindy Hop in Hatfield, Letchworth, St Albans, Watford and Welwyn
GNSH – The UK’s largest International Lindy Hop weekend
Boxmoor Beat – Modern Jive in Hemel Hempstead
Get in the Swing – Swing in Royston

Kent – Lindy Hop, Charleston and Authentic Jazz in Canterbury Canterbury

London & Within M25 – Lindy Hop in Watford and Enfield
Jitterbugs – Lindy Hop in London
Lindy Circle – Lindy Hop and Balboa in London
London Swing Dance Society – Swing dancing in London
London Lindy Exchange – weekend in London
London Balboa Festival – Balboa in London
Swingland – Lindy Hop in London
London swing cats – Hollywood Swing in London
BluesBug – Modern Jive in London
Hellzapoppin – Monthly social dances
Jivenation – Modern Jive in London
Swing Patrol – Swing Dancing in London

Middlesex – Lindy Hop, Charleston and Authentic Jazz in Enfield and Harrow.

Norfolk & Suffolk

Rock The Block – Lindy Hop in Norfolk
Foot loose – Modern Jive in Norfolk
Caldonias – Lindy Hop in Suffolk
The Jive Club Norfolk – Jive dancing in Norfolk

North England

Blitz – Modern Jive in Manchester & Leeds
Leeds University Swing Society – Student Lindy group
Swingjive Leeds – Lindy Hop classes in Leeds
Swingjive Newcastle – Jive in Newcastle – Modern Jive Manchester
Happy Feet – Lindy Hop in Nottingham
Lindy Fridays – New Lindy Hop classes in Leeds
Revolution dance – Modern Jive in Cheshire
Dance Lindy – Lindy Hop in Leicester
Lindy-jazz – Lindy Hop in Durham
Balboa North – Balboa & Balswing classes in Leeds
Revival Nights – Lindy Hop classes in Leeds
Manchester Lindy – Lindy Hop in Manchester
Northampton Swing Dance Society – Lindy classes


Edinburgh Swing Dance Society – Lindy Hop Scotland
Leroc In Scotland – Modern Jive dancing in Glasgow – Lindy Hop group in scotland.
Zoot Swing – Lindy Hop in Edinburgh
Edinbop – Swing dancing in Edinburgh
Glasgow Swing Dance Society – Lindy in Glasgow


TRDC – Lindy Hop and Modern Jive in Gloucester
GI Jive – Swing band in the south.
Gloucester Jive and Swing – Lindy Hop in Gloucester
Swing Cats – Swing Dancing in Yeovil

Surrey, Sussex, Kent

Leroc Surrey – Modern Jive classes in Surrey
Surrey Swings – Lindy Hop & Jive in Surrey
Jive Mania -Jive dancing in Brighton
Discojive – Modern Jive in the Brighton area.
52ndstreetjump – Lindy Hop classes in Sussex
Brighton Jive – 40s Jive Classes and events
Evolution Dance – Modern Jive in Brighton & Hove
Jive Craft – Modern Jive in Sussex


Dance Jive – Modern Jive classes in North Wales.
Planet Leroc – Modern Jive in Wales


International Swing Dance Sites


Jump Town – Swing dancing in Canberra


Lindy Hop Belgium – Lindy Hop group in Belgium


Swingin’ Montreal – Lindy Hop in Montreal, Canada


SwingShoes – Swing dancing in Copenhagen
Hep Town – Lindy Hop in Denmark


Studio Hop – Lindy Hop and Balboa in Toulouse
Les Fous du Swing – Lindy Hop in Paris, France
BrotherSwing – Swing DJ in Paris, France
Grenoble Swing – Lindy Hop in Grenoble, France
Spirit of Lindy – Lindy Hop in Paris, France
Swingin’ Mediterranee – Lindy Hop Swing in Montpellier


It Must Schwing – Lindy Hop in Germany
World oSwing – Lindy Hop in Munich
Swingnitz – Lindy Hop & Salsa in Germany
M.Jive – Modern Jive in Germany


Haskoladansinn – Swing dancing in Iceland


Galway Swing – Lindy Hop in Galaway, Ireland
SwingBelfast – Swing dancing in Belfast
DubLindy – Lindy Hop Swing in Dublin, Ireland


Dance Tel-Aviv Swing dancing and Ballroom in Israel


Abruzzo Swing Dance Society – Lindy Hop in Pescara
– Lindy Hop & Boogie in Florence, Italy Lindy Hop Swing dancing in Italy
Swing Dance Genova – Lindy Hop in Genova

LITHUANIA – Lindy Hop in Lithuania

Netherlands – Swing dancing in the Netherlands


Swing Cats – Lindy Hop & Jazz in Stavanger, Norway
Bardar Swing Club
– Swing dancing in Oslo, Norway
NTNUI – Swing dancing in Trondheim, Norway

Poland – Lindy Hop in Warsaw, Poland


Moscow Swing Dance Society – Lindy Hop Swing dancing in Russia


Swingkatten – Lindy Hop in Uppsala, Sweden
HepTown – Swing dancing in Oresund


barSWINGona – Lindy Hop in Barcelona


Downtownswing – Lindy Hop in Zurich
bodyEmotion – Lindy, Balboa & Boogie Woogie
Swing In Luzern – Swing dancing in Luzern.
Swiss Swing Dance – Lindy Hop in Switzerland


All Balboa Weekend – Balboa weekend in Cleveland
One2Swing – Ben & Sheri in Pasedena
Camp Hollywood – Swing camp in Los Angeles
Camp Jitterbug – Jitterbug camp in Seattle
Get Hep Swing – Val & Marty’s website
Jitterbuzz – Swing dancing in Washington DC
Kevin and Carla – Kevin & Carla’s website.
The Sacramento Savoy Swing Club – Lindy Hop in Sacremento
Yehoodi – USA Lindy Hop info and forum site.



Lizzie Scott & the Do-rites – London R&B band
Let’s Dance Big Band – Australian Swing band
The Jive Aces – Top UK Jive & Swing band.
The Zoltans – Essex-based band
John Petters – Swing orchestra based in Lincolnshire


Lindy Hop Swing dance camps around the world

Goodnight Sweetheart weekend – England, UK
Prague Spring Swing Festival – Prague, Czech Rep
Swing On the Beach – Italy


Links to Links

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Miscellaneous Sites

Jeep Jump Jive
This Thing Called Swing
Jiveoholics Anonymous
Dance Action Holidays
Single File Walking Club
Dance Yourself Dizzy
Lynne Fox – 1940’s Singer and Entertainer
Haveaballoon – Fancy Dress Shop
HeyDay! – Links and 40’s clothes stalls


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