JiveSwing followers' workshops

JiveSwing offers a whole range of exciting workshops, to fulfill the follower’s needs. Whether you are a kitten or a lion, these workshops will bring out the best in you!


Sista’s of Swing

These workshops are dedicated to finding each follower’s inner Sista of Swing! They focus on Authentic Jazz, Blues and Body Movement, followers styling and embracing your femininity. They also include guest tutors, specialising in vintage hair and make-up.


Followers’ Styling

These workshops cover a wide range of topics, such as Swivels, Swing Out variations, Authentic Jazz, Burlesque etc. We often have guest teachers, specialists in their fields, including the internationally reknowned Lindy/Burlesque dancer Sharon Davis (shown here performing at JiveSwing’s dance camp, Goodnight Sweetheart, in 2008).