Lindy Hop!

JiveSwing lindy hop workshops

We have a range of Lindy Hop workshops ranging from Absolute Beginners for people with 3 left feet, to Advanced or specialised topics for professionals.

JiveSwing teachers also teach other workshops around the UK and Europe. Workshops are a great way to accelerate your learning, as group sizes tend to be small and you gain up to four hours of nearly one-to-one tuition. Please see our calendar for workshops nearest to you. If we are not in your area, please email us detailing your interest.


Fundamentals I, II and III

4 hour intense but fun workshops, focusing on the fundamentals of Lindy Hop steps, taking you from the very roots of Lindy to today’s perception of the dance.

Our Fundamentals workshops are suitable for those within their first year of learning Lindy Hop, those who have completed our Fundamentals cycle(s) and also the more advanced dancer, wishing to consolidate the basics.

Fundamentals covers 8 Count, 30s Charleston and (in Fundamentals III) how to mix them with 6 Count. You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of lead/follow techniques and how the dance should look and feel.


Intermediate I, II and III

Our Intermediate workshops are aimed at small groups of intermediate and above dancers, looking to challenge themselves and take their dancing to the next level.

Intermediate covers 8 Count, 30s Charleston and 6 Count. You’ll work on different styles of Swing Out variations, incorporate Jazz movement, spins and turns and followers styling. You’ll focus on connection and other social dancing techniques at an intermediate level to make you stand out on the dance floor.

You’ll also learn unique and transferable skills, to allow you to dance to ANY tempo, from slow blues to fast and prepare you for dips/tricks and aerials, should you wish to follow that route.

These workshops will, without doubt, give you the key tools to develop to the more advanced levels, so long as you follow our tried and tested methods.



Our Advanced workshop is aimed at a very small group of advanced level dancers who are ready to accept feedback and work to perfection, doing whatever is required to improve.

At this level we work on a variety of specialised concepts and topics, then give you tips, drills and homework to take away to practice in your own time. There will be blood, sweat and tears!